Storyteller Trilogy

sotr_small.jpg Song of the River
AUTOGRAPHED by Sue Harrison. New, Hardcover. Eighty centuries before our time, in the frozen, snowbound interior of a land that will someday be called Alaska, a beautiful young woman named K'os, of the Cousin River Village, is brutally attacked and ravaged by men from the Near River Village. With ruthless passion she vows vengeance on those who have wronged her. The next day, in the same place, K'os finds an abandoned baby -- a child with a club foot who's been left to die. She adopts him as her own and names him Chakliux. Twenty years later, K'os has grown cold and cunning, obsessed with the desire for revenge and eager to create conflict. Chakliux, respected as his tribe's treasured storyteller, is sent back to the village of his birth, where he has been chosen to wed the shaman's daughter in order to bring peace to the Cousin and Near River People. But before he can win the people's trust, a double murder jeopardizes his mission and forces him to travel to distant lands. So begins a miraculous journey that will touch many lives -- from the Whale Hunters and Walrus Men who know the mysteries of the sea; to the lonely, gifted Aqamdax, whose search for a home makes her an outcast among strangers, to a boy called Ghaden, whose elusive memories may hold the key to the storyteller's future. Ultimately Chakliux must grow and learn -- driven by the ancient songs of sea and sky, earth and animals -- as he seeks the truth about the offenses for which his people have suffered and about the woman who raised him, the hateful and ambitious K'os, who may be his most dangerous enemy of all. An adventure and a mystery, Song of the River is also a love story as Chakliux falls under the spell of the beautiful Aqamdax, his brother's wife.
Cotw-small.jpg Cry of the Wind
SOLD OUT We have no more new hardcover editions of CRY OF THE WIND, and we are unable to obtain more copies. We apologize for this inconvenience. Copies are available from online used book dealers. CRY OF THE WIND in ebook format is also available from Open Road Integrated Media, Sue's ebook publisher. See link on
Cdts-small.jpg Call Down The Stars
AUTOGRAPHED by Sue Harrison. New, Hardcover. Centuries ago in a land of ice and fire, a chosen child is born and taught the sacred legends of his ancient people. When Yikaas is nearly a man, he allows privilege and the deference of others to fill him with false ideas of his own importance. His teacher, an old woman, comes to realize that his vanity will soon displace the wisdom she has entrusted to him. So she challenges Yikaas to join her in a perilous journey across the North Sea to the land of his ancestors. In an ancient traders' village, Yikaas hears the stories and tales of the First Men. The tales of one young woman in particular Daughter - speak to his heart and call him from the confines of his own selfishness into the mysteries of love and the magic of stories. Intertwining the stories of Yikaas and Daughter, Sue Harrison returns her readers to the characters they grew to love in the first two books of The Storyteller Trilogy. Chakliux has become the leader of a great village where he and his wife Aqamdax are honored storytellers. Peace has reigned since the wicked K'os was banished to live as a slave to the First Men. But then the North Sea brings K'os an incredible gift a weapon that will rescue her from slavery and restore her power over the River People. Based on the Sedna legends of the Inuit, Call Down the Stars is not only a study of the storyteller's art, but also the tension-filled chronicle of a battle between good and evil, where love becomes the pawn of revenge, and forgiveness is the only weapon Chakliux has to ensure the survival of his people.
Storyteller_Trilogy-small.jpg Storyteller Trilogy minus one
Only the first and third books are available. AUTOGRAPHED by Sue Harrison. New, Hardcover. SOLD OUT: CRY OF THE WIND